ARTS Terra Bact Plant Booster 1 liter


Terra Bact is a liquid plant based extract which is used to neutralize and prevent harmful deposits of minerals in your substrate. The working of Terra Bact is based on bacteriologic processes that stimulate usefull micro-organisms.

Terra Bact is also rich in helpfull trace elements en grow enhancing micro-organisms. The organic humus-forming substances in TERRA BACT improve and enrich the soil / coco. Terra Bact also stimulates rooting.


- Liquid vegetable extract for neutralising harmful salts (chlorine, sodium, sulphate…);
- It's effect is based on bacteriological processes that stimulate the available favourable microorganisms;
- High concentration of natural trace elements and growth-promoting microorganisms;
- The substances forming organic humus contained in TERRA BACT will improve and enrich your soil/coir;
- Stimulates root growth;
- Readily dissolves in water;
- Dry matter: 40%;
- pH: 6.2.

Instructions for use

- Dose

Dissolve between 700 ML and 1 Liters of TERRA BACT in 100 Liters of plain tap water (without nutrients);

- Start

Pour over your soil/coir in the specified dose before or after planting;

- In the case of salt problems

Apply the specified dose 3 times in 2 weeks;

- To prevent salt problems

Repeat the treatment using the specified dose once a month.