Flash Seeds Super Auto Nirvana Sky Feminised (3 seeds)

THC: 18%

CBD: 0.1%

Height: 120cm to 250cm

Weight: 100g to 400g

Harvest time from planting the seed: 90 to 120 days

Medicinal Use: Daytime

Stitch0.1 - Indica - Sativa %: 20 - 0 - 80

Effects: Euphoria, Positive Vibes, High Energy, High Elevation, and Occasionally Hallucinatory

NIRVANA SKY SuperAuto Hybrid

This creation was born in my garden as a result of seeking a personal state of higher consciousness through the best marijuana plants in the world... Fantastic high energy strain resulting from a cross between an exceptional Nepalese Sativa landrace and my basis for SuperAutos the Stitch 0.1!

Very energetic effect with a quick sharp onset as well as an occasional hallucination of shapes and colors that are always presented in a most positive, happy, and motivational way. When I smoke this herb my spirit rises to heaven... Helps me to relax, feel free, and puts me in a state of Nirvana.

The smoke is sweet, lemony taste, Nepali style!