Kc Brains KC45

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The K.C. 45® gets his origin from a seed of a wild Russian plant that K.C. picked up himself in 2004. K.C. then crossed it with an early flowering K.C. 33®.

Inside flowering 8-10 weeks
height Apr. 110 cm, yield up to 180 gram.

Outside flowering 10-12 weeks
Height 2 meters, yield up to 700-900 grams.
Harvest end of September.

The K.C. 45® strain of medical marijuana is a unique hybridization between Ruderalis and Sativa strains. Specifically, Russian Ruderalis is crossed with Brazilian Sativa. Cannabis Ruderalis is a subspecies, like Indica and Sativa, that is unique to Russia. K.C. 45® is such a naturally strong performer that she will grow big, sticky, aromatic bud colas even in cloudy, nearly-sunless locales.

The Brazilian Sativa in K.C. 45® ensures that she packs a crisp, lucid effect to go along with her otherwise Indica-like buzz. Although she grows much better outdoors, K.C. 45® cannabis can also be grown indoors with some extra light. However, she is better outdoors as she tends to grow into a Christmas tree-shaped plant as tall as 7 feet. Regular reports of 3-pound+ yields, per outdoor plant harvested, are reported.

Bud colas commonly measure up to a meter-long! The colas themselves are not very tight, but are compact. Individual buds are Sativa-slim and loaded with strong scents of lemon, especially when touched, ground or cut into. The uplifting effect of the K.C. 45® marijuana strain will hit you like a locomotive. The Ruderalis acts to mellow the buzz a bit, making you feel less hyper than a straight-Sativa strain would. So, you end up calm, yet enlivened; pain-free and energetic too!