Flash Seeds Auto Ace Feminised (3 seeds)

Cross: Thai x Haze x Amnesia x Rudiralis mexican

Aroma: Pine, mango, peach

Size: from 40 to 120 cm

Life time: 65 to 80 days

Production: 40 to 80 gr

Effects: Strong buzz, happiness

Medicinal use: Day time only!!!

ACE auto

Ace is the purest auto sativa strain available commercially anywhere today. It is a hybrid comprising Thai, haze, Amnesia

and Lowryder 2 It can be grown with success indoor, outdoor and in greenhouses.

Ace is quite a tall plant for an auto strain reaching a maximum height of 75 - 120 cm. tall and easily identifiable as sativa by its long,

thin leaves. The calyxes swell to quite an impressive size and are liberally covered in resin. The aroma is exceedingly complex and

includes notes of citrus fruit, pine, cheese and mango.

Each plant should yield in the region of 40 - 60 gr. The effect is highly sociable and great for joking around with friends and being generally happy with life.