Kannabia Seeds Kritic Auto (5 seeds)

Photoperiod: 18-20 hours
Flowering cycle: 68-72 days
Average height: 55-65 cm
Yield: 400 gr/m2
Plant from: March - October
Average height: 60-90 cm
Yield: 190 gr/plant
THC: 12,5 %

Critical x Ruderalis

Legacy of quality, flavor and production

Kritic Auto is an indica-dominant strain that is highly psychoactive, producing a euphoric, stimulating effect. This strain has a strong skunk smell and flavour with large dense buds.

Kritic Auto is a heavy yielding, mould, pest and disease resistant strain.


    Relaxing effect
    Resistant to pests
    Citrus flavour
    Sweet flavour
    Earthy flavour