Secret Jardin WebIt 90 90 cm x 90 cm


Secret Jardin is best known as a supplier of quality grow tents but they are also the company behind several other growing accessories like the WebIT. The WEBIT is a trellis net to support your plants and can also be used as a scrog net.

The Secret Jardin WebIT90 plant trellis net fits 90 model Secret Jardin tents like the Darkroom DR90, Darkstreet DS90 and Hydroshoot HS90 series. The WebIT trellis net is made from sturdy and reliable white flexible 3mm elastic ropes. When used on HS80, DS90 or DR90 trellis gaps are from 10 to 15cm.

Secret Jardin WebIT trellis nets are specially made to fit in Secret Jardin tents.