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Jacks Cleaner x Vortex

Jacks Cleaner x Vortex

Ever since our experiments with Apollo-13 and Jacks Cleaner BX I have wanted to go back to the start and make this hybrid correctly. Not by reversing the sex of one of the female parents but creating a true breeding hybrid to select a male from. With the creation of Vortex we had a new Apollo-13 dominant lines to cross to the F1 Jacks Cleaner mom. The results are a perfect mix of the best traits of both parent strains. Large towering colas dripped in resin almost appear glass coated but carry an additional fruity, semi-rotting smell my Brothers Grimm hybrids are known for. Look for variations that lean towards both parents resulting in a nice mix to choose a mother plant to please your personal likes and dislikes.

Phenotypes:  Medium variation in harvest times and a Sativa influence
Height:  Very tall
Yield:  Very heavy but all in last weeks

Indoor and Outdoor

Best way to grow:  Top and bud early expecting a 3x stretch
Harvest:  60-75 days, nice big long colas!
Sat/Ind:  85/15
Hybrid:  1985 SSSC NL#5 x Pluton x Purple Haze x NL#5 x Jack Herer x Apollo-13 x Space Queen
High Type:  Speedy, trippy, intense, paranoid , motivating, pain relief
Taste:  Lemon berry, hash, tart, sour, skunky lemons, pineapple, HAZE