TGA Subcool Agent Orange Regular (5 seeds)

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Orange Velvet x Jack the Ripper

Orange Velvet x Jack the Ripper

Agent Orange is a very good producer with extremely resinous large dense buds. The smell is amazing with hints of oranges, lemons and the smell of a whiskey sour cocktail. The strain contains pigments that have the ability to turn maroon and purple with cool nights. The buzz is up and motivating and will make you smile. The strain is a very heavy producer yielding large flat topped colas with very dense heavy buds. It does very well outdoors reaching over 10 feet in northern California. Indoors it can be topped and produce full canopies and heavy colas.

Phenotypes:  Two main variations - one short and thick and one taller and more resinous
Height:  Very tall block head colas
Yield:  Very heavy but all during the last weeks of flowering. A heavy producer

Indoor and Outdoor

Best way to grow:  Top and train into a bush
Harvest:  55-65 days
Sat/Ind:  50/50
Hybrid:  Local Orange Skunk x Jacks Cleaner x Space Queen
High Type:  Strong and tasty leaves with an orange after taste and an almost trippy high
Taste:  A cross between oranges and sour mix. It even makes the bong water smell like oranges!
Good for sleeping and relaxing. My largest yields this run came from this strain!