TGA Subcool Astro Snaps Regular (5 seeds)

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Frisco Snaps x Space Queen

I did not rush into the Cookie craze as some others did instead choosing to take my time finding the perfect combination or flavors and potency along with a healthy plant structure that growers of “The Dank” expect. The new hybrid was tested vigorously by growers from many different skill sets. This assures these seeds will perform for anyone wanting to cultivate in most any conditions

The latest collaboration with Norstar Genetics Award-Winning Frisco Snaps has resulted in an incredibly resinous line of cultivars that has impressed every single person on the test team. This strain has a Cookie Dough taste with a fresh lemon fragrance. Expect rock hard buds with flower clusters the size of peaches

Phenotypes: We had two main phenos one that was taller with cookie dough and lemons flavor & the shorter one with a very oily cake smell.
Height: Medium Height Stretches 1.5- 2x
Yield:  Medium with super dense flowers formations Heavy resin production.
Indoor and Outdoor: Does Well In Both
Best way to grow: Top Early to shape, cage or bamboo for support needed.
Harvest: 8-9 weeks
Sat/Ind: 50/50
High Type: Flavorful / Potent / Pain Relief / Yield / Extracts
Taste:  Cookies / Cake / Lemons / Grease / Cherries / Cherry Dr Pepper/ Modeling Glue