Flash Seeds Super Auto Jamaican Berry (3 seeds)

Crossing: Jamaica x Blueberry x Stitch0.2

Aroma: Blueberry/Sweet

Size: 1.5 to 3.5 feet tall

Lifetime: 90/105 days

Production: 150/450 grams

Hybrid Type: F1, Sativa (95%) - Indica (0%) - Stitch0.2 (5%)

Effect: Happiness, Spiritual

Relaxation, Vitality, and Good Vibes

Medicinal Use: Very good for day and night. 

JAMAICAN BERRY SuperAuto F1 Hybrid

Directly from the mountains of Jamaica, this super fruity variety will fill you with incredible flavors and aromas! She was selected by true Rastafarians from an original Jamaican variety that was crossed with a Blueberry for many years in order to achieve a very fragrant pure Sativa.

The plants of this variety start to grow with indica type leaves and with the passing of the days become very thin like all good Sativas. The production is spectacular and the effect is very strong... Not for novices!