Flash Seeds Super Auto Copacabana Feminized (3 seeds)

THC: 17%

CDB: 0.2%

Height: 120cm to 250cm

Weight: 100g to 500g

Harvest time from seed: 95 to 110 days

Medicinal use: A + (day and night)

STITCH 0.1-Indica - Sativa %: 05 -10 - 85

Effects: Energizing body high, good for conversation, good for athletics, and social relationships.

COPACABANA SuperAuto Hybrid

From the bay of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, comes the famous bay black variety which was given to me years ago by a friend on the beach of Copacabana. This inspired the name for my SuperAuto hybrid version. A very motivating strain, super lush, highly branched, and the buds are not overly compact which makes it ideal for growing in wet sites!