Dab Rig Tsunami Concentrate Water Pipe 9 Tree

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Concentrate 9 Tree Rig - Tsunami  dab rigs
With the Concentrate 9 Tree Rig you are finally barking up the right tree!  The tree percolation gives the advantage of many slits on multiple arms, giving an ultra boost to the filtration action.  Add your favorite concentrate and blaze up. Get the full flavor of your concentrate. This piece will be a permanent fixture on your coffee table, as it is a stable for a partaker who appreciates a quality hit.  The rig gives off draws that are smooth as silk. Make it part of your daily or nightly routine. Invite over your pals and prepare to get lifted. A sesh that they won’t soon forget. Enjoy an evening full of laughs, chill vibes and good conversation over the rumblings of the percolating bubbles.  Cloudy coughs are broken up with quips, an evening fit for friends. Tsunami is bringing a new flavor to all things glass.

Product Details:
For Concentrates
Tree Percolation
American Made Glass
Package Contains: 1 x Concentrate 9 Tree Rig - Tsunami