Kleaner Spray Mouth and Bodyhygiene 30 ml

Kleaner is a new toxin cleaner which removes all traces of substances in the saliva and on the skin.

This cleaner is effective for one hour in saliva and 3 to 5 hours on the skin.

The roadside drug tests on saliva and sweat can show positive even after several days or weeks of consuming cannabis or other similar substance.

Sometimes, at the controls of drugs or intoxicants, injustices are committed, because despite not having recently consumed any substance, they can give a "false positive", even after resting peacefully overnight and without taking anything, so that safety, for example in driving is unaffected. Even so, the results of the test may be positive.

The effect of Kleaner is effective after 30 min taking it. In addition, this product doesn't include chemical additives, preservatives or perfumes and is not dangerous if its taken orally unintentionally.

Ingredients: Water, Denatured Alcohol, Neem (Melia Azadirachta), Xanthan Gum

The 30ml Kleaner lasts for approximately 25 uses.

Using Kleaner Spray:
- Oral: squirt mouth 1-2 times and let it permeate every
- Topically: squirt hands 2-3 times and clean the skin, rubbing well.