Rogis OGF Garlic 500ml

Rogis OGF Garlic 500ml

The Egyptians knew it 2500 years ago…
Garlic has special properties… and we have rediscovered it…

Rogis Garlic Anti pest ... Against spider mites and other pests.

Give once a week in the feed water in the ratio of 100 ml to 100 liters of water.
If you already suffer from spider mites, then the first shock treatment 500 ml per 100 liters.

How does it work :

This garlic concentrate is directly absorbed into the sap flow of the plant.
Spider mites (and other vermin) run from the scent and they no longer eat plant juices containing it…
consequence: all spider mites die

Why does this work better than spraying poison?

By spraying poison you do not reach all the nooks and crannies in the room ... like under the leaves ... in the corners ... the plants in the farthest ends of the room.
This garlic concentrate is given along with the feed water and is therefore absorbed in the same concentration by ALL plants, even those that are located far away in a corner.