Rogis Wonderspray 50ml

Rogis Wonderspray 50 ml

2 of the special plants of this earth working together in the fight against harmful pests ...
Namely garlic and the miracle tree
indoor / outdoor applications on ornamental flowering plants, trees, shrubs, foliage, vegetables, fruit, nuts and gardens

Rogis Garlic against spider mites, thrips and aphids
This garlic concentrate is added to the nutrient water and is therefore absorbed directly into the sap flow of the plant.
Spider mites (and other pests) no longer eat plant juices containing them ... 1 Preventive: 1 ml Rogis Garlic per liter of water
If an infection is already present, give one time 5 ml per liter of water.
Then switch back to 1 ml per liter once a week.

Rogis Wonder Spray: against spider mites, thrips, fungus gnats, aphids and mildew
Substances in this blend of various natural oils greatly reduce the appetite and the urge to reproduce of insects (they no longer eat treated plants) and prevent larvae from developing.
The natural substances Azadirachtin, Salannin and Meliantriol have a repellent effect on all juice-drinking insects and against fungi.
This natural insecticidal oil is completely safe for humans, beneficial insects and other animals.

You do not immediately see the effect of this natural control, but takes a few days to a few weeks.
All this time, the insects will no longer affect your plants.
By spraying you also lay a thin layer over any eggs that are present, so that they no longer hatch.

Can be given during the flowering cycle but avoid the flowers. If the Wonder spray is not liquid enough, put the bottle in warm water until it is liquid enough. Then dissolve 5 ml in 1 liter of water and then shake well.Properly spray your plants on the top and bottom of the leaves and the stems, as well as the top of the earth (the medium) Just before the lamps go out (or it gets dark) ) to apply. Vitamins and trace elements also provide extra nutrition for your plants and protection of the leaves.

Schedule to get rid of the bugs naturally:

DAY 1 Add Rogis Garlic with the feeding water (1 ml per liter of water)
DAY 2 Spray with Rogis WONDERSPRAY
DAY 8 Provide Rogis Garlic
DAY 9 Spraying with Rogis Wonder Spray Then give Rogis Garlic once a week (1ml per liter) until one week before harvest. (DAY 15.22, 29.36)
DAY 37 Spray again with Rogis Wonder Spray and try to avoid the buds.
DAY 43 and possibly day 50 give Rogis Garlic up to 10 days before the harvest.

Rogis .... that makes sense. You prefer not to use poison